Monday, January 20, 2014

Edmodo: A new way to build connections

As teachers, we often seek to build connections and we want to offer new and varied learning opportunities to our students.

One way I do this is through Edmodo. If I find a cool video, but I already taught the content, I might post it on Edmodo as a review. All the neat things I find, I link through Edmodo. And I find more neat things because other teachers post them on Edmodo.

If you're not familiar with Edmodo, it is like facebook for the classroom. You have a wall to which posts by any community you are a part of appear. You can filter by community; for example I can look at my science class. And you can write a post that goes out to one or multiple communities.

Edmodo also has the ability to create simple digital quizzes that autograde or you can have students turn in assignments online through the site.

It is not a perfect site and has a lot of things I would love to change or fix, but it is free and has increased communication amongst my students (they help each other with homework) and between myself and my students (they send me direct messages).

One of my favorite features is my library and the "backpack." My library is basically a folder where I can post all kinds of materials for my students. I can link certain folders in my library to different class groups where they always have the materials I have provided. I can even link my google drive folders to my library, so things I upload become available to my students and so I can directly post google drive materials to the group walls.

Additionally, students have a backpack which works in a similar way so that they can share work with me. Once they have linked their google drive to their backpack, anything they do in drive can be turned in through edmodo. Since we already used drive, this is an easy step for them to instantly get their work in one place for me to see (rather than the old way where I hunted through shared folders to find the materials).

Here's a great resource to get you started:

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