Sunday, June 2, 2013

Google for Grading

As many readers already know, Google has a slew of tools that help us as teachers. Well, today I challenged myself to do a little work with Google Forms with great results. Thank goodness because Sharpschool's exported results were completely useless to me - I gave 2 quizzes this year through that system and it was more work than it was worth (as was designing a class website through them - I now have a Google Site as well).

So here are your steps:
  1. Open Google Drive (
  2. Create Form
  3. Write your quiz questions
  4. Click "add item" for additional questions.
  5. Send form. (see note below)
  6.  Choose response destination: new spreadsheet.
  7. Insert Script.
  8. In the script gallery, search "Flubaroo."
  9. Install Flubaroo.
  10. Take quiz and input correct answers.
  11. Use Flubaroo with your quiz as the answer key.
Steps 3-6.

Response Spreadsheet.

 Basic Options:

You may choose question type: (text options require student answer be spelled exactly like yours for grading purposes*)
    •  Multiple Choice
    • Text
    • Checkbox
    • Paragraph Text
    • Scale
    • Insert Script
    • Grid
*My solution to the text issue is to provide a word bank somewhere on the quiz.

You may "require" questions so students can't skip them.

Challenge Options: (for the brave and tech savvy)
You may embed images in your quiz for additional materials (a primary source to interpret or a data table/graph to analyze).

Install Flubaroo.
If you want to use 2 different forms for progress monitoring purposes (say variations of the same quiz), you may have the answer data saved to one spreadsheet. When choosing your response destination, simply choose to send responses to an existing spreadsheet and select the spreadsheet your would like to use.

 Getting feedback:

 Flubaroo shows individual student scores and percentages, shows student scores for individual answers.
Grade with flubaroo.
Flubaroo also highlights questions that a majority of students did poorly on. This pattern recognition can help you go back and reteach tough concepts.

In addition to Flubaroo, Google has a response summary under their "response" heading that allows you to see graphs of answers to help you look for patterns as well. This is better for seeing specific misinterpretations because the information is divided by answers.

Give Feedback

Reteach to the whole class, reteach to small groups, reteach to individuals. Or graph success over time in a portfolio folder. Other ideas?

Sample grades by Flubaroo.

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